Against all odds: Meet India’s happy interfaith couples

Post those videos here plz, all i see frm a search on youtube is muslim girls marrying singhs. Theres only 1 vid i can c of a apni marryin a half cut. They are no longer Sikh girls when they marry the Muslim men because in Islam you are only allowed to marry a Muslim. So the so called Sikh girl has to first take Shahada and become a Muslim then she is allowed to marry the Muslim man. As for why some of our girls do this, this is because parents are too busy earning and not passing Sikhi to the children. Sikh parents only care about their worldly education and not about their spiritual education which will help them in this world and the next. Barely any Sikh child is a Nitnemi as they ought to be. If you attach the child to Gurbani from young age, you are attaching them to Guru Sahib since Gurbani is Guru. If a child becomes Nitnemi, Guru Sahib becomes the Rakha of that child. The chances of that child leaving Sikhi for another religion are greatly reduced.

Love Jihad

One caller named Jasminder asserts that when Param came down, it became more like a comedy show and less like a dating show given how the women and audience reacted. Something about this discussion hit home for me. Back in , I discussed some of my challenges when it came to dating and insecurity in my post about dharis:.

Where I am living there are very few Sikhs and a lot of Muslims, and I am Sikh guy that is currently hoping to marry a Muslim girl in my University.

Zainab and Buta Singh married in in circumstances about which there is no unanimity. It is said they, nevertheless, grew to love each other. After they sired two children, the couple was forcibly separated. Their story is emblematic of Partition because their relationship was simultaneously warped, and redemptive, and tragic.

Like Partition, it has several versions, of which two will be recounted here. The other is narrated by eminent Hindi fiction writer Krishna Sobti to Alok Bhalla in Partition Dialogues , a collection of his conversations with writers on their experiences of the catastrophe. She was presumably passed from one man to another until she was sold to Buta Singh, a Jat Sikh from Amritsar district. Butalia does not give us the name of the village. Buta Singh married Zainab.

Despite the ignominy of being purchased, that too by a member of the community engaged in cleansing East Punjab of Muslims, Buta Singh and Zainab came to love each other. Two girls were born to them.

What It’s Like To Be The First Woman In My Family To Choose An Interracial Marriage

Most children accept such nonsense without question. From our short hair, to our penchant for beefburgers, to our inability to name the Ten Gurus of Sikh history, we probably would have been found unacceptable by any truly Sikh family. But then puberty arrived, and I developed a crush on a Muslim guy in our circle of friends.

The heart, I started to realise, does not follow orders. For people who, by most standards, would be considered decent, liberal and secular, my parents were surprisingly narrow-minded about the kind of men their daughters should consort with.

he said he will get married to me. but he never did for some reason.i have a question for you that why can a sikh and a muslim get married? is it all wright for.

Similar Answers. First of all, we thank you for your trust in this site. We feel that your sending this message is indicative of your openness to searching for the truth and not to cling blindly to that which you grew up with. This in itself is a blessing and we ask Allaah to complete it for you by bringing you to the truth which will bring you happiness in this world and in the Hereafter.

In order to reach that point, we advise you to read about Islam on this website and to think about it, and to be sincere in your search for the truth. Ask the One Who created you from nothing to guide you to the correct path and the right religion. Note that human life cannot be good and proper without a correct religion to give life and that this human soul cannot be stable without a proper relationship with its creator, Allaah.

Worship of Allaah is the spirit of life, without which there can be nothing but hardship and misery. With regard to your question about your getting married to a Muslim, if you embrace Islam and accept it as your religion — and this is what we ask Allaah to help you to do — then there is nothing to stop you from marrying him. Allaah says interpretation of the meaning :. And indeed a slave woman who believes is better than a free Mushrikah idolatress , even though she pleases you.

And give not your daughters in marriage to Al-Mushrikoon till they believe in Allaah Alone and verily, a believing slave is better than a free Mushrik idolater , even though he pleases you. Those Al-Mushrikoon invite you to the Fire, but Allaah invites you to Paradise and forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayaat proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.

This verse makes clear the great wisdom behind this prohibition, which is to protect Muslim men and women from being influenced in religious matters.

Sikh and Jew: East Meets West

Dubai: A simple love story of a young Muslim-Sikh couple who finally got married was blown out of proportion in Pakistan. They both live in the same town of Nankana Sahib, located some 75 km from Lahore, Pakistan. The social media news went viral and almost brought otherwise friendly Sikh and Muslim communities in Pakistan at daggers drawn. Some Sikh community members in Pakistan were outraged. Sikh leaders from around the world also chimed in, registering protest over the alleged “forced conversion”.

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A Sikh girl, who was missing for a number of days, surfaced on Thursday after she was forcibly converted to Islam and made to marry a Muslim man in Nankana Sahib area of Lahore. Lahore: A Sikh girl, who was missing for a number of days, surfaced on Thursday after she was forcibly converted to Islam and made to marry a Muslim man in Nankana Sahib area of Lahore. Family of Jagjit Kaur said they will self immolate in-front of Punjab Governor’s house if the girl was not released.

Surinder Singh, brother of Jagjit Kaur said, “Our family has faced a tragic incident as some goons forcibly entered our house and abducted my younger daughter. They tortured her and forcibly converted her to Islam. He added, “We went to a police station to register a complaint.

Indian religious concepts on sexuality and marriage

Two stories about the actions of a minority of Sikhs in Britain have been published in newspapers this week. The first is about some Sikhs forming an alliance with the English Defence League over the alleged sexual assault of a Sikh woman by a Muslim man. The second is about a group of Sikhs occupying a Gurdwara a Sikh place of worship to prevent a wedding taking place between a Sikh woman and a Christian man. As well as highlighting different interpretations of religion, these stories show how some Sikh men wish to control Sikh women.

Sikhism believes in equality, but Sikh women are not always on an equal footing. The people involved in these incidents claim the are doing the right thing but I believe these actions have left Sikh women worse off.

 He continues that turban-wearing men often feel invisible to women, not literally, but “when it comes to actually going out with someone.” Something about this.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Islam Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Muslims, experts in Islam, and those interested in learning more about Islam. It only takes a minute to sign up. I have been with a girl and I am intending to marry her.

The only thing is that she is from Sikh religion. It is stated that a Muslim can only marry among the people of the book Torah, Bible and Qur’an of course.

Can a Muslim Man Marry with a Sikh?

She was born in a Hindu family from Delhi and had adopted Sikhism after marrying Narinder in , said his father, Tarsem Singh. But Tarsem is looking for ways to get her back. It could be through social media.

Pakistani men sexually exploiting British Sikh girls: Study cases of abuse against Sikh girls – of Indian background – dating back to the s. of young females from outside of the Pakistani community or Muslim faith.

Growing up, my dad would repeat his house rule almost every week: When you get married, marry a Sikh. Through my mids, my parents were still holding out hope that I would end up with a Sikh man. Sikhism is the fifth-largest religion in the world, originating in Punjab, India. Its central values include the devotion to one God, service, equality, fighting for justice and truthful living. Honestly, I often struggled when I went on dates with Sikh men.

In other cases, c onversations about relational and marital expectations laid bare an underlying double standard of how it was only OK for men to grow up in this country and become liberal, opinionated, career-driven people. After years of heartbreak and a series of terrible dating experiences, I just wanted to meet a kind, respectful generous man. Marriage is the ultimate success for Indian daughters, and my parents had been worried about me for years.

So, at 27, I decided to tell them I had met someone. It was supposed to be positive news. I was happy.

Love Jihad: Sikh Parents’ Fear of Their Children Dating Muslims

They cant be trusted. The Muslim boys influence Sikh girls and take them to Pakistan and sell them there. But I always thought differently. To be everyone was always equal disputing the fact what religion they were. I never chose my friends by religion. Eventually I went to university where I met my best friend.

Partition love story: A Muslim woman finds love with a Sikh man, but there is over to Pakistan as his wife’s family was pressuring her to marry.

Assalam-u-alaikum The place where I work, a Muslim brother far away from Islam is dating a sikh girl. When they started going out 2 years ago , he told her that she will eventually have to convert to Islam before getting married and she agreed. Will this nikah be valid because she will continue to be a sikh women from heart? She also does not want to go through the nikah process and might ask her boyfriend for a dual wedding as suggested by a fellow Christian worker.

I want to go explain this brother about this but wanted to find if the nikah will be valid first. Accepting Islam is from the heart, not only verbally. Islam is a Divine religion with a set of values and principles. Verbally accepting Islam to legalise the Nikah will not be valid. The Sikh girl must renounce her beliefs and accept Islam before performing the Nikah. Source This answer was collected from Askimam.

Muslim guy marrying a sikh girl…urgent reply needed.