Charles Jeffries and His Sons: Concertina Makers

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I OCENE SPOKE LAST WEEK with George Jones’ wife Nancy about her version She notes that the makeup date offered George conflicted with a “Nashville the best— although you never know but what a concert in a small town might sell.

There is a wealth of George Jones articles, history and manuscripts accessible in the concertina. Wes Williams’ notes on Jones and his various addresses state: ” George Jones detailed his own life story in an account that may be found on the web in Don Nichols Concertina pages. After various jobs in the concertina industry, he went to work for a Mr. Austin around The Horniman has a single item made by Jabez Austin , probably the same person.

This is an English, serial no.

George Jones & Sons

Beginning in April, country music fans will have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at the life and career of the late George Jones. Appropriately located in downtown Nashville, the museum will officially open its doors on April 24, which is significant because the weekend coincides with the second anniversary of Jones’ death April The exhibition will show a different side of the legend, beginning as early as his childhood.

It will, of course, include Jones’ storied singing career, which started when he was a teen in Galveston, Texas, as well as his time in the U.

Jones’s concertina factory. George Smith Jones was born in. Spencer Street, Commercial Road, on. February 29, (he never let the family forget the date,​.

By Guest HallelujahAl! It has a lovely warm sound which I can only attribute to the shape of the reeds? It’s numbered – which I estimate to be around the mid s – would you concur? Does anyone have any more specific dating for Jones Anglos? By the way it also has, albeit very faint, on the right hand end The Salvation Army Crest imprinted onto the wood – a lovely touch, and according to Dan Worrall’s thesis would coincide with the high point of Salvation Army Concertina Bands which meant that I just had to have it!

Does anyone else have the crest on the end of their ‘tinas? The nimber is and has been dayed by Paul Reed as so you are probably close. Since you are Salvation Army yourself, I would think that might be fun, and it should be easy within the Army to find a cornet or two to play music with. If you put it in GD you can play with guitars and such They aren’t particularly a part of the old SA tradition, as far as I can see he says, as he runs for cover And fiddles can always tune down or up a bit to you.

Would like to see that – I secretly hope whenever I see a Salvation Army band playing that there will be concertina playing along – sadly I’ve been disappointed hitherto. Agreed – although it’s currently in old pitch so would need to be re-pitched at the very least anyway. I do have a small brass ensemble in my corps that would be perfect for what you describe.

I’ll certainly give it a go.

Grand Opening Date Set for George Jones Museum

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The Anglo or Anglo-German concertina is a member of the concertina family of free-reed instruments. The Anglo originated as a hybrid between the English and German concertinas. The button layouts are generally the same as the original button German concertinas designed by Carl Friedrich Uhlig in Within a few years of that date, the German concertina was a popular import in England, Ireland, and North America, due to its ease of use and relatively low price.

English manufacturers responded to this popularity by offering their own versions using traditional English methods: concertina reeds instead of long-plate reeds, independent pivots for each button, and hexagon-shaped ends. Initially the term Anglo-German only applied to concertinas of this type built in England, but as German manufacturers adopted some of these techniques, the term came to apply to all concertinas that used Uhlig’s button system.

The heart of the Anglo system consists of two button rows, each of which produces a diatonic major scale in a pattern devised around by Bohemian designer Joseph Richter for use in a harmonica Richter tuning. Five buttons of each row are on each side. The two rows are musically a fifth apart. For example, if the row closest to the player’s wrist is in the key of G, the next outer row is in the key of C below. An advantage of the Richter tuning is that pressing three adjacent notes in one row produces a major triad.

Anglo concertina

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The earliest entries for the English concertina, dating from or Butler (​)—grandson of concertina-maker George Jones—was a.

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A George Jones 26 and 1 key Defiance Concertina with makers label, Commercial Road, East, with. In Antiques Auction Date.

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This Charles Jeffries never knew a thing, never been taught anything— most extraordinary, as he turned out an instrument that no other maker could equal. He used the hardest steel there was, very solid. As far as we know, Charles Jeffries had no technical training and was never employed by any of the previously established concertina makers; 2 yet he somehow managed to produce concertinas that are widely regarded as among the best ever made. Jefferys, Parade Street, Paddington, W.

Today, the instruments made by Charles Jeffries command some of the greatest interest and highest prices of any vintage concertinas.

George Jones is often credited as the first English maker of the chromatic Anglo concertina. British firms active in the late 19th and early 20th.

The Concertina was developed in the s in both England and Germany. It differs from the Accordion in having buttons in the same direction as the bellows rather than perpendicular. There are two keyboards of buttons, one at each end of the instruments bellows. Each button has an individual note. There are several different types of Concertina. The English Concertina is octagonal and unisonoric the same note on push and draw.

The German Concertina Chemnitzer is rectangular and bisonoric a different note on push and draw. There is also an Anglo-German Concertina usually just called an Anglo developed later in the s which is closer to the English shape usually hexagonal and has the German note system. Other difference between the English and Anglo Concertinas are: the former have thumb straps and the latter hand straps, the rows of buttons on the former are straight and on the latter slightly curved downwards.

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A George Jones 26 and 1 key Defiance Concertina with makers label, Commercial Road, East, with mahogany ends and fretwork, with outer travelling case in oilskin cloth. Dariuse Peterson from Barberry will be in attendance of our premises from Wednesday – Saturday of sale week. Please contact him at dariuse bar-berry. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

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Family of George Jones establishes MTSU scholarship fund