To promote collaborations and exchange in general already at the beginning of the iGEM year we organized our so called Collaboration Meetup from 17th to 19th May Afterwards we split the teams up to get to know each other better in the following pub crawl. For Sunday morning we had prepared a collaboration speed dating. There were always two teams explaining their project shortly to each other and thereafter they had a certain amount of time to talk about possible collaborations. Afterwards every team rotated one spot further until all teams talked to another. All in all, it was quite successful, because the teams were more focused on how to help each other than in normal poster sessions. During our collaboration speed dating the idea came up to spread the basic principle of others iGEM projects at our human practice events to show the diversity of synthetic biology.


We are a leading research group in the area of electromagnetism. Our scope covers antenna design and measurement, computational electromagnetism, EMC, radar, millimiter waves applications, electro-optics and quantum information technology. Curty ” “Tutorial about quantum key distribution in Qcrypt M. Curty “. Marcos Curty Associate Professor. Marcos received his M.

Erlangen-. Nuremberg. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität. Erlangen Nurnberg. DE. Inhomogeneities. Micro-scale inhomogeneities in compressed.

His research focuses on resource management, wireless network security, social networks, 5G and beyond, and vehicular ad hoc and sensor networks. Shen received the R. He received the B. He has published over 90 IEEE journal and conference papers, which have attracted more than Google Scholar citations. He has made substantial contributions to wireless research, innovation, and education.

Yanikomeroglu has had extensive collaboration with industry and led large-scale research projects.

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Duzaar Erlangen U. Gianazza Pavia Organizing Committee: F. Duzaar, M. Ghielmetti, U.

For Sunday morning we had prepared a collaboration speed dating. There were always two teams explaining their project shortly to each other and thereafter.

She expressed her thanks to Prof. The prize, endowed with 5 million yen the equivalent of almost 41, euros , is awarded every two years to outstanding chemists under 47 years of age. This year’s focus is sustainability, to highlight the social issues including plastic waste management to which the chemical industry could contribute. The committee honoured Frank Glorius especially for the development of so-called chemo- and enantioselective arene hydrogenation and of additional tools for improving synthesis.

Press release by Mitsui Chemicals. Maximilian Koy ist Doktorand in der Arbeitsgruppe von Prof. Frank Glorius am Organisch-Chemischen Institut. In the production of compounds, chemists have the fundamental goal of finding strategies that are most selective and avoid waste products. Breakthroughs in this area serve, among other things, to drive industrial innovation and drug development.

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This Dagstuhl Seminar will investigate a holistic, layered approach for adaptive resource management. It starts with the resource management layer being responsible for scheduling applications on the machine and dynamically allocating resources to the running applications. At the programming level, applications need to be programmed in a resource-aware style such that they can adapt to resource changes and can make most efficient usage of the resources. On top of the programming interfaces, programming tools have to be available that allow the application developers to analyze and tune the applications for the varying amount of available resources.

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About YSF. YSF Call for Projects. YSF Sponsored Projects. Events and activity. Social media. Upcoming events. Local events. Job openings. The YSF workshop is usually integrated in the annual conference of the ESB, that is aimed at discussing biomaterials education and training in Europe, emphasizing the existing and emerging career, as well as research opportunities in the field.

During these events, discussion is fostered by creating an interactive environment amongst participants, thus promoting an enriching discussion on topics that concern everyone who graduated, or will do so, in Biomaterials. Aims and objectives:. Elena Maria Varoni. Department of Biomaterials University of Oslo P.

Christmas Lecture on 13.12.2018 with Prof. Glorius and his Team

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holding this eighth edition of the International Conference Thiesel and to welcome a most up-to-date international research projects, and allows the transfer Fast-moving and ever evolving, the automotive market and industry FRIEDRICH-ALEXANDER UNIVERSITÄT ERLANGEN-NÜREMBERG (​GERMANY).

Here we provide a sample of great templates for producing such reports, which include layout guidelines to help guide you through the process. MI Milestone Example Report. Student report with header 5th grade; Met dit bestand kan je in latex overleaf aan de slag. Veel succes! BDC Project Report. Now in its third year, the STEM Fellowship Big Data Challenge is a competition that helps high school students get excited about Data Science and its potential to support inquiry-based learning and problem solving.

Endoscopic LIF in Combustion System Development

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ESR 11,12, Hoang-Hung Vo: Traveling fronts for equations with forced speed in It is expected to finish the thesis before August, in the University of. Bath. Eindhoven Date February 1, Erlangen,

Deadline for applications submission each year is 31 st March. All four applications were awarded with in total 5. Appendino Grant. The Committee decided to launch another call in Fall She has carried out a complete experimental study investigating the optimal processing parameters for electrophoretic deposition EPD of novel spinel coatings on metallic substrates, aiming at manufacturing robust layers on interconnects for application in solid oxide cells SOCs.

He investigated the biological activity of bioactive glass coatings obtained by atmospheric plasma spraying APS employing different bioactive glass powders and precursors. MC3T3-E1 bone cells were cultured and seeded onto the coatings and positive results in terms of cell viability, cell adhesion, distribution, and morphology were achieved. She investigated the development and characterization of novel electrophoretically deposited chitosan CS – bioactive glass BG composite coatings on WE43 magnesium alloy substrates for biomedical applications.

This collaboration will continue with focus on the biological response to the developed CS-BG coatings.


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May 25 – 30, in the city of Aachen, Germany. “Speed Dating with Professionals”. Finally A. R. Boccaccini, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany.

Beijing, China 25 — 26th Nov Deadline: 31st May Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, China has entered a new phase. Milan, Italy 22 — 23rd Sep Deadline: 1st Mar The PhD programme. Lodz, Poland 2 — 3rd Jun Deadline: 15th Mar The keynote speech will be. This episode of history seems to have been largely forgotten by historians of Britain and China, and has generated little scholarship. Gallen, Switzerland Gallen, Dufourstrasse 50, St. Leiden, Netherlands30th Oct Do you want to learn how to mark up different kinds of information in Chinese texts?

Do you want to know how to consult language and biographical dictionaries, maps, and other references sources all in one platform while reading Chinese texts on your computer?

Three-beam laser brazing of zinc-coated steel

This work investigates the use of a trifocal laser intensity distribution to control the applied heat profile for laser brazing of hot-dip galvanized steel. Process analysis of conventional monofocal brazing processes showed that spatter and other process disruptions mainly originate from zinc dissolution and evaporation at the wetting line. In order to increase process stability and seam quality, a trifocal brazing method was developed and applied for brazing experiments.

A transient three-dimensional model of the brazing processes shows a shift of the achieved temperature distribution and thus a separated evaporation of the zinc coating prior to the wetting with molten CuSi3 brass. The influence of the adjusted intensity distribution in the process area was analyzed with high-speed video imaging, thermal imaging, and metallographic analysis of the seam properties.

(Berichtszeitraum vom – ) ab. Neben der Ferner wurde ein „Speed-Dating“ organisiert, an dem ausbildungsbereite Rechtsanwälte und.

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Alumni networking evening for the graduates of the leading business schools in the world

Individual group seminars are now announced in our group calendar. Please check there. Response formalism within full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo: Calculation of static polarizability. Real and imaginary excitons: Making sense of resonance wavefunctions by using reduced state and transition density matrices. Controlling molecular rotation by combined external fields: From supersymmetry to quasi-exact solvability.

Fast response drilling and instrumentation of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake GeoZentrum Nordbayern, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg dating and the possibility to achieve an accurate timescale.

One of the leading business schools in the world which offers one of the most prestigious international MBA programmes. Approximately 1, students from 90 countries undertake degree programmes at IE each year. There are approximately 5, annual participants in the school’s executive education programmes. The school has offices in 28 countries and approximately 40, alumni residing in countries. The founder partners of the business school include eight Russian and international companies and 11 individuals, who are Russian business leaders.

The range of educational programmes of Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO includes programmes for businesses at all stages of their development — from start-ups to a major corporation planning to access international markets. Cranfield School of Management was established in LBS is one of the most prestigious business schools in the world; the school was ranked 1st in Europe , , Rankings by the Financial Times and 2nd in the world for Business and Management Studies; by the QS ranking.

Unlike most other business schools, LBS organises courses in listed buildings in London instead of new buildings with a modern architecture.

International Day Nürnberg, Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaften, FAU