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We are going to do a private booth party in our Tokyo Venue, on the Yaesu side of Tokyo Station here. The event is broadly the same as our standard events except for 2 key points: 1. Each woman has their own booth which they sit in, and men move between booths. This keeps each conversation a little more private and more personal. There is no free time, just one round of dating, followed by coupling. The advantage of this is that you get about twice as much time to talk with each woman. So, this event is best for those of you who find our usual speed-dating events too speedy. It’s still relatively quick, but with around 5 or 6 minutes or so with each woman depending on the total number of guests , it’s quite a lot more than you get at our usual events. Confirm Reservation existing reservations only.

Konkatsu: A Look Into Japan’s Spouse Hunting Parties

March 1, Finding love or even just a meaningful connection can be difficult in Tokyo. If love dolls or rented dates are not quite up your alley, then this is where someone like love coach Lily Davis comes in.

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Trending Popular. You have arrived in Tokyo, single and ready to mingle. You know the popular dating apps back at home, but what apps do the Japanese use? And which apps have users that can speak English? Well, Japan is no stranger to dating apps and services. However, when it comes to apps with an English interface and real Japanese users, only a few mobile apps are worth downloading.

Here are our favorite dating apps available in English with both active Japanese and foreign users that are looking to date or just to hook up! Tinder needs no introduction, its simple swipe left or right function has made it a must download dating app worldwide. Since making its official debut in Tokyo in early , Tinder has become the definitive app for meeting both traveling foreign users and English speaking Japanese users.

Best stick to this app if you are strictly looking for foreigners living in Tokyo. Hatch is a newcomer to the dating app scene in Japan. It has already seen a boost in usage with the young Japanese university and the foreign crowd. Similar to Bumble, Hatch requires the female users to message first after a match. But, unique to Hatch is its Stop Light Color status system.

4 Highly Popular Dating Apps in Japan

Matchmaking parties are pretty common in Japan. Though the percentage of couples who actually get married is decreasing nowadays, the government and other private sectors are helping people in holding marriage events and meeting potential partners. This is no ordinary matchmaking event, as participants will be blindfolded while they get to know each other. This will help them find their true match through their inner selves rather than their physical appearance.

It is literally a blind date. Japan is home to one of the fastest aging societies in the world more elderly, fewer young people to support them and the birth rate in the country has been decreasing for decades.

Event. We are Open. We are happy to announce that we will be open for business again from June.

The Tokyo Game Show is one of the main events that players look to when searching for exciting game news. Sadly, like so many live events this year, the Tokyo Game Show of was canceled. Fortunately, that’s not the end of the story. The Tokyo Game Show has been going stronger each year since its debut in The show not only hosts pavilions dedicated to showing off the latest games in the industry, but also sections dedicated to helping those in the industry itself.

The business side of the Game Show, where those in the industry meet up and ocming game producers and designers, exists alongside the fan interaction and cosplay. It has been known for a while that the Show would reincarnate this year as a digital event, but when was a real question. After all, various parties would need time to register for the event in advance, especially the business-centric side of the show.

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Else the competition for you getting the dating-partner increases. We are back with our event with a new taste. International Speed Dating will be very affordable for you. Other similar parties ranges between 5, to 6, yen. Guys will be denominated by B1,B2, B

We are going to do a private booth party in our Tokyo Venue, on the Yaesu side So, this event is best for those of you who find our usual speed-dating events.

She joined the site one app out of the blue and when I messaged her, a reply came back minutes later. After messaging a few pairs, we agreed to meet. Read More. EastMeetEast is exclusively dedicated to Asiandating. In other words, you’ll find pairs here you won’t find elsewhere. We tell you the tapple at which the person arrived in the US, Canada, Australia etc.

Tokyo Singles Dating Party

Having trouble looking for the perfect romantic partner? It is hoped that with the element of appearance removed, romantic hopefuls can get more easily to the heart of one another. So the organizers of this event have made it into a game where attendees must work together to solve a mystery, incorporating smells, sounds, and tactile sensations. Details on the challenge are kept under wraps, but the event is sponsored in part by the upcoming film Ankoku Joshi Dark Girls which follows the members of a book club.

So, we can expect a similar atmosphere and literary theme there. First, this event is only for those interested in a relationship, so anyone simply into blindfold games you know who you are should look elsewhere.

​ Visit their website to keep yourself up-to-date about the party schedule, or join their Facebook page. On the website you can also register for the.

The Tokyo video speed dating event is the most effective way for men and women to meet. Whether you are recently single, new in town, or have been single for a while, this event is for you. To attend our video speed dating events, make sure to download the app here. This is an online event for Tokyo singles only.

Every Friday we’ll set up Tokyo specific speed dating sessions and set you up on three, second dates! Filter Off is modeled after real-world speed dating and is designed to get those with confidence, courage and crazy schedules meeting each other face-to-face. We look at your age, location, height and education preferences and attempt to find someone that fits all of them.

Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Multiple Dates.

Singles Only! Join this Unique Romantic Matchmaking Party in Tokyo!

Gokon is a rite of passage. Something to try out at a young age before diving into the real mysteries of love later in life. So if you’re heading off for a gokon evening, relax, don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy the ride. This advice is something not all women follow. Apparently, some women are either gokon novices who don’t know enough not to take it easy, or gokon veterans desperate enough to make a fool of themselves.

4 Highly Popular Dating Apps in Japan. Getting The Guy. She joined the site one app out of the blue and when I messaged her, a reply came back minutes later.

What do you look for in your life partner? Shared values and interests? A sense of fun and humor? If these are the qualities you want in your future soulmate, then think twice before signing up for a konkatsu spouse hunting party. A chance to go on a cruise trip for free! I scrolled down the page, not because I was interested in looking for a spouse, but I wanted to find out how so many girls could embark on a gorgeous six-day cruise, free of charge.

There must be some kind of catch, I thought. Lower down the page, it said that all ladies interested in participating must first be screened. Only 26 girls who passed this screening process were to be given a privilege to enjoy the free cruise trip. The deal was that if they were selected, they would have to sign a contract and have their pictures taken — which would be printed on flyers as well as put up online, along with their nicknames. Konkatsu matchmaking parties are usually held at various upscale hotels, restaurants and venues across Japan.

This screening was only required for women. The cruise organizer would start accepting registrations from men after all female participants had been determined.

Tokyo 2020 Test Events

Tokyo International Party is Japan’s largest, longest running and most popular international party network in Japan. Every month quite a number of Japanese people and foreigners from all over the planet join this party, since it is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends, find language or cultural exchange partners in a nice and relaxed environment.

For people who are new to Tokyo, I would highly recommend these gatherings because it is a fantastic way to get started in the big city and to socially connect with others from different parts of the world, including Japanese of course. These parties occur once a week at different bars and restaurants, usually from 8 p.

【The Tokyo Marathon Flags are Upcycled!】Limited number of tote bags and shoulder bags recreated from the event flags will be available for purchase.

Playing the party odds for love Kansai Scene Magazine The next time you are planning a gokon with your opposite sex friend, suggest 3 vs 3 scene! At the same time one must appeal to the memebers of the opposite exeo, one must also be able to coordinate and cooperate with the team members the group of people of your own sex. For example, if I go to a gokon and meet one very good looking, nice, eligible guy, and if I put all of my energy and efforts into getting his attention and getting his phone number, I will probably not succeed in this dating.

The other male attendents would also feel neglected and ignored, developing a negative exeo. They would probably share their negative impression among themselves and I would probably never hear from him, never again. It may be difficult in the beginning, to pursue your scene-intetrest while playing in the japanese, but you will soon realize that team scene has its japanese too. In fact, many people form a scene team with particular friends to succcessfuly play in gokon.

Many people go to gokons with regular members because they know how to work together already.

9 mistakes Japanese women make during group dates

Not to brag, but in Tokyo International Meetup we organize events where foreigners and nationals all come together to talk and make friends, and with any luck, meet a potential love interest! Download the app! Also offering the function of meeting people near your chosen radius without giving away your specific location, it makes it easier for you to meet more friends or partners!

This one mostly has Japanese population, women can download the app for free while men have to pay a monthly subscription. Be sure to speak fluent Japanese, since this app is mostly popular amongst them. Let me give you a friendly reminder that the MeetUp app, specifically the group: Tokyo International Meetup provides a great way for meeting people, friends and potential partners alike, during all the events.

Here you can check events at Tokyo International Forum. Event Calendar. Search by keywords. Sort by dates. ~. Search. Print. ·

With all of the moving parts that make up TOK, making too quick of a decision could have resulted in negative repercussions. Thank you all for being patient with us as we have mulled through stacks of information and countless discussions concerning the Tokyo, OK event. The health of our attendees, staff, guests, artists, vendors and Broken Arrow citizens are our number one concern.

We have not been able to find a way to host the event in a manner that keeps everyone safe. In this environment, continuing with the event would be irresponsible and harmful to the community that we love and support. We will be moving the event to July , , our next scheduled dates. If you have purchased an attendee pass, Sakura Club, vendor table, or artist table your purchase will now be for This also includes Crew Applications as well.

No action on your part is necessary. We recognize that there are current issues, some new and some have been around for years, that have persisted. We are going to utilize this time to address problems and make improvements. We will be working very closely with the City of Broken Arrow to secure better locations, improve the transit system, and work toward fast-forwarding plans that we scheduled for later down the road. Nearly every part of the convention is going to be scrutinized for ways to improve the overall convention experience.

Here is the difficult part.

Campaigning for Tokyo governor election begins amid virus spread

The question of how the sports world will proceed after coronavirus pandemic subsides is up in the air for most of the world, but for those in charge of the Olympics a calendar could be falling into place. A report from the New York Times reveals that officials are planning on kicking off the postponed games on July 23, The date is almost a year to the day of when the Olympics were supposed to kick off this year, which was July The International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday that the games would be postponed until at least after officials could no longer ignore the realities of the viral respiratory disease.

The decision also came after an outpouring of concerns voiced by athletes and officials from other countries stating that athletes were unable to train for the most important event of their lives under current circumstances. The official announcement is expected to come much earlier than planned as Japanese state broadcaster NHK reported the July 23, , date as the new target for the Tokyo Games, according to the Times report.

Gokon group dating parties can be great opportunities for love to blossom. Participants usually gather at an izakaya to enjoy casual flirtations.

Tokyo has almost everything for the 15 million plus who call her home. One glance at its pre-occupied populace, many of whom say no to church, ignore their neighbors, and somehow work more regularly than they sleep, and it’s easy to see why Tokyo seems to consist of all the wrong places. How in the world can anybody meet and fall in love when most of their life consists of falling in and out of home, the train, and the office.

Of course, there’s always a Shimbashi, Nishi Azabu, or Shibuya disco on that rare free night, but even then, the thick crowds and deafening noise create an atmosphere as kind to love as funneling through Shinjuku station at rush hour. Even so, one would think that with all the coffee shops, book stores, and vending machines that wrinkle the sidewalks, the odds should still favor of a chance kon’nichiwa passed from boy to girl. Then again, Tokyo only pretends to be America, and most here, Americans included, aren’t really brave enough to chat up just anybody, let alone the nearest heart throb.

So what then, do these poor singles do if they want to make couples in this pulsating, yet seemingly heartless city?

Date w/ Park Jimin in Tokyo